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Distribution & Logistics

Distribution & Logistics

We believe that transport services are complete only if the load is taken directly from the supplier and delivered directly to each recipient separately. Therefore, not only transport but also the «door to door» type of distribution are an integrated part of our services.

Thus, at our company, the transport starts with taking the goods from the supplier and ends with delivering them to the recipient, whether we execute a domestic or an international shipment.

The parties are kept informed of the transport development throughout its duration. If any transports difficulties are met, we are able to act immediately to resolve the situation. Therefore, you can always have informations about your cargo.

Romfracht offers its customers also handling and storage services. We have a warehouse with an area of 1100m2 with six loading ramps and shelves for vertical storage of palletized goods. The capacity of the warehouse is 1,200 pallets.


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