Romfracht in a few words

With 18 years of experience in the field, Romfracht offers as well road transportation, maritime transportation and air transportation in extremely safe and prompt conditions, as also high quality products, like fibers for concrete reinforcement.


Subdivisions of Romfracht

Romfracht has various fields of activity:

  • International speditions logistics;
  • Steel and polypropylene fibers production and distribution;
  • Realco natural enzymatic products, perfect for cleaning both industrial spaces and households;


Our dedicated team of specialists is always customer-oriented


We exclusively collaborate with specialists in cargo safety and our suppliers are chosen for their promptness and high standards


We manage to offer to our partners the best customer care, products and services by using the latest technologies in the branch


Due to our standards, we manage to build long-lasting relationships with all our customers

Romfracht's begining:

Romfracht is a family business that was set up in 1996 by Vladimir Mitroi, currently the president of the company.

The main activity of the company was international cargo shipments. Starting with a small capital and limited resources, the company only coordinated small transports to a few destinations, among which were France, Germany and Italy.

Due to the effective management and the consumer-oriented services, Romfracht has an exponential growth and it diversifies its services and products line.

Thus, Romfracht expands its field of business in the area of import-export and, only a few years later, in 2007, it enters the fibers for concrete reinforcement market.

Given the good results showed by this new activity, in 2011 Romfracht inaugurates its first own production line.

Currently, Romfracht is the leading producer of steel fibers in Romania, with a capacity of 2.800 tons per month.

In 2012 RomFribremix is launched as a revolutionary compound in Romania, comprising steel fibers and polypropylene fibers. This is a more easy to use alternative to concrete reinforcement.

Romfracht's today:

Situated in an accessible industrial area, the headquarters of Romfracht span on a 24.000m2 area; 8.300 of these consists of buildings.

The main office building is 1600m2 and the warehouses, secondary offices and factories occupy almost 7000m2.

This space is used for the customers benefit, for which the company provides international transportation services, logistics, distribution and products of the highest quality. The warehouses are equipped with ramps and shelves for vertical palletized goods storage.

Currently, Romfracht's team consists of more that 80 people, which of 45 are working in the transports department.

The production of steel and polypropylene fibers for concrete reinforcement has an important place in our company. We have proudly added to our portfolio various types of industrial-type platforms, airstrips, factories and supermarkets.